I really don’t care what kind of blogs you have, This deserves a reblog

man the last image really got me..

The second to last really killed me.

A simple thing we see frequently on the Internet being put into the perspective of real life.

The last one put me to tears all I can think is my grandpa and how much I miss him

I don’t advocate war but the I have a lot of love for the victims of it. These put things into perspective.

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"I don’t want to be just another star in your
sky. I want to be a fucking asteroid barreling
down towards the center of your heart and
leave a crater big enough to have you notice
that if you love me, I’m going to have an
impact on you. I’m a knife that’s going
to delve deep into your skin and leave behind
a scar you’ll always look down at and say,
‘yeah, this one’s from a fighter’."
- do i still mean a thing to you? // Haley Hendrick (via s-k-e-t-c-h-e-d)

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Anonymous asked:

I bet you really like him and he kisses you like every girl dreams to be kissed

Hold on 2 What u Believe Answer:

Well i know the answer to that:) haha who are you curious anon?

Anonymous asked:

Any special guys in your life?

Hold on 2 What u Believe Answer:

lol yes there is:)